Saturday, April 21, 2018

Longbox Crusade Presents: Saturday Matinee Theatre - Episode 003: 1954 TV’s Sherlock Holmes

Longbox Crusade Presents: Saturday Matinee Theatre

Episode 003: 1954 TV’s Sherlock Holmes - The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun

Join super-sleuth podcasters Pat Sampson, Jason Alberich, & Jarrod Alberich as they podcast from their flat at 221B Baker Street & continue their journey through all 39 episodes of the “Sherlock Holmes” television series that aired from 1954-1955.

This episode, the lads are joined by friend & fellow podcaster, Darrin Sutherland, from the RaD Adventures Podcast Network.

In this episode, the lads (plus Darrin) check in on Holmes & Watson’s first out-of-London mystery!

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Thank you for listening and we hope you have enjoyed this episode of the Longbox Crusade Presents: Saturday Matinee Theatre.

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