Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 001

Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 001
Issue/s: Transformers #1 (Marvel)


Listen Here: Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 001

It's a podcast transformed where things are not what they seem: Pat Sampson begins his journey into the world of Marvel and Marvel UK Transformers guided along the way by his Longbox Crusade comrade, Delvin Williams and One Half of Married With Comics: Jonathan Schaefer Hames. It’s a pilot full of unexpected twists and turns that could be, dare we say it, More Than Meets The Eye!

Opening [0:00:17]
Podcast promo - Married With Comics - [0:06:29]
Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:08:33]
Hero of the Day (Who Was More Than Meets The Eye) [0:43:19]
Less Than Meets The Eye [0:44:47]
Podcast promo - Longbox Crusade - [0:47:19]
Transformers Spotlight - Cliffjumper [0:49:42]
Closing [0:56:17]

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