Thursday, March 21, 2019

Longbox Crusade - Episode 017: Flash #207 (April 2004)

Longbox Crusade
Episode 017: Flash #207 (April 2004)

Listen here: Longbox Crusade - Episode 017: Flash #207 (April 2004)

‪It’s been a long time, but we came back in a ⚡️FLASH⚡️! It’s an actual LONGBOX CRUSADE! And we’re traveling back to April 2004 to look at Flash #207! And, of course, ads, movies, & music of the time.‬

‪On your mark.‬ ‪Get set.... ‪💥‬

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1 comment:

  1. I bought the entire run ("run." no, that was by accident) of Wally West Flash, and enjoyed just about all of it. Geoff Johns stint had lots of excellent stories, and this issue was no exception. He changed the Rogues from being a novelty to an ongoing threat, and I dug it so much! I'm completely on board for more episodes from this series.

    Well done, Crusaders!