Sunday, August 11, 2019

Crusader Chronicles - Episode 036: February 1978

Crusader Chronicles
Episode 036: February 1978
Issues: Amazing Spider-Man #180, Star Wars #11


Listen here: Crusader Chronicles - Episode 036: February 1978

Whether you listen to Sonic Frog or Ewok Jerky, play Mortal Kombat or battle Sea Serpents or Pat's XL Pull List...It's Crusader Chronicles time! It's also time for Crusader Chronicles! Amazing Spider-Man 180 and Star Wars 11! Listen to it twice! Twice!

Opening [0:00:51]
Podcast promo - Fan Film Fridays - [0:10:07]
1st Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:11:11]
Podcast promo - DC 50 Years Ago  - [0:44:04]
2nd Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:49:09]
Podcast promo - Superman II Movie Minute - [1:15:50]
Crusader Comments [1:16:33]
Closing [1:28:06]
Outtakes [1:33:35]

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1 comment:

  1. I shoulda known my "hurry up, Len" comment would come back to bite me. Hey wait, that wasn't me! It was some other Tim Price! Or ... a clone! Yeah, that's the ticket! (Now I have to find a smokestack.)

    I keep meaning to give scores on the covers/issues, but it's days between listening and writing, and I'm senile. Soooo senile.

    What was I saying? Oh right! Spider-Man #180. Yes, fantastic wrap up of Hamilton's origin, pulling all of the plot threads together. Loved it. And the artwork was excellent. You guys said it all, couldn't agree more.

    Star Wars #11. I read the issues up to this one on the Marvel Unlimited App. Hey Delvin, have you heard of this? It's pretty great! As for the issue, I really don't have anything to add. "Luke's on the cover with giant serpent, so we should see Luke a lot in the book. Any page now. Any... page... now.........." I read it after listening to the show, and wow, you were NOT exaggerating. Yeesh.

    Jarrod: Nobody likes a smarty-pants, Tim.
    Also Jarrod: (asks obscure question) You're wrong.
    Tim: (slow side eye)

    Well, that's it. Thanks for the hilarious show, guys! Keep on Chronicking!

    What? My scores? Sigh, oh ok.
    ASM #180: Cover 5, Story 5
    SW #11: Cover 3, Story 2

    Later, Chuckles!