Wednesday, September 18, 2019

LBC: ELSEWORLDS! - Ep 002 - Comics with Normies 01: Amazing Spider-Man 394

Episode 002: Comics with Normies 001: Amazing Spider-Man 394


Listen here: LBC: ELSEWORLDS! - Ep 002 - Comics with Normies 01: Amazing Spider-Man 394

Welcome to Longbox Crusade: ELSEWORLDS!  On Elseworlds we are releasing some podcasts that some (or all) of our members have been on, but these podcasts were originally released on other networks. So, yes this is partly an easy way to get more content on our feed, but also: we'd really appreciate it if you gave these other networks a try!

This episode is a retro-rewind from the White Rocket Entertainment Network!

Here's the original posted information for when this episode originally aired on February 3, 2017:

The newest podcast on the White Rocket Entertainment Network! Each episode, Jarrod Alberich shares a classic comic with a non-comics fan. This week Jarrod welcomes guest Debbie Woodham and we get her reaction to THE CLONE SAGA from Amazing Spider-Man 394!

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