Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 010

Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 010
Issue/s: Transformers #10 (Marvel)

Listen Here: Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 010

Jason the Weasel Skull‬ trades places with Delvin the Dark Web and Jon, Pat, and he go from the existential (Turing test) to the hilarious (what an intro!) to the huge (Devastator!) to...sigh...Huffer in the latest installment of TRANSFORMERS CHRONICLES!

Opening [0:02:20]
Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:13:00]
Who had the touch? [0:46:01]
Less Than Meets The Eye [0:48:29]
Transformers Spotlight - Huffer [0:52:00]
Podcast promo - Professor Frenzy - [0:55:50]
Likes, Shares and Feedback [0:57:02]
Closing [1:06:09]

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