Saturday, November 23, 2019

Longbox Crusade Episode 020: Action Comics #666 (June 1991)

Longbox Crusade
Episode 020: Action Comics #666 (June 1991)

Listen here: Longbox Crusade Episode 020: Action Comics #666 (June 1991)

What the devil? It’s Longbox Crusade 20! See if you can spot references of Space Ghost, Bryan Adams, Flo-rida, and since we do talk comic books...ACTION COMICS 666 from June 1991!

Opening Comments [0:01:44]
Podcast promo: Action Comic Weekly Podcast [0:10:19]
Featured Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:13:41]
Podcast promo: It All Comes Back To Superman [0:43:24]
Add It Up [0:44:50]
Way Back In Time [0:49:37]
Podcast promo: Comics With Normies [1:01:38]
Crusader Comments [1:02:49]
Closing [1:15:53]
Outtakes [1:18:54]

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  1. I bought this issue during my summer vacation in Nags Head North Carolina. It was one of my first Superman comics, so I didn't know what the triangle numbers meant or that this was part 3 of "Red Glass." But I liked it enough to run back to the 7-11 to find the previous issues of Superman and Adventures.

    I still have all three issues, but they're shredded from all the time I read the books that summer.