Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's 2020 Countdown Special - Episode 01

Welcome to the Longbox Crusade's New Year's Eve 2020 Special: Comic Book Music Countdown!

Join DJ Deathprobe & DJ DJ Kristatos (see what we did there?) as they count down the top 20 Comic Book-related music tracks of all time! ...with a few bonus tracks thrown in for good measure.  All these tracks were voted on by tons of folks on social media and we think it's a great list, so get ready to party with us!

Listen here: New Year's 2020 Countdown Special - Episode 01

THE BEST WAY TO LISTEN: The podcast itself will tell you when to pause and when to unpause in order for this event to sync up with a countdown to midnight.  Just be sure you start the track to get the instructions no later than about 10:20PM.

Thanks for spending your New Year's Eve with us here at the LBC Studios!

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