Saturday, April 25, 2020

Longbox Crusade Episode 022: Firestorm #65 (Nov 1987)

Longbox Crusade
Episode 022: Firestorm  #65 (Nov 1987)

Listen here: Longbox Crusade  Episode 022: Firestorm  #65 (Nov 1987)

What’s all new, all different about this Longbox Crusade? ‪John Beatty‬ talks to Jarrod for starters but there’s also FIRESTORM from November 1987! The jokes and callbacks? Come on, two outta three ain’t bad 😂

  • Opening Comments [0:01:24]
  • Podcast promo: JLMay 2020 [0:12:53]
  • Interview with John Beatty [0:17:45] 
  • Featured Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:32:58]
  • Podcast promo: Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake [1:02:09]
  • Add It Up [1:04:04]
  • Way Back In Time [1:12:50]
  • Podcast promo: Hostess Ad - Hulk - Longbox Crusade [1:30:50]
  • Crusader Comments [1:31:57]
  • Closing [1:41:12]
  • Outtakes [1:43:54]

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1 comment:

  1. I've always liked Firestorm's design, powers, and the dynamic of 2 people making the hero. But somehow, I didn't regularly collect his comic. When this issue came out, I was in college (yes, I'm old), and would frequently skim the comic at the local Food Lion. I was finding myself "skimming" them longer and longer, and nobody called me on it, so yeah, I have fond memories of this run. I did reread the entire volume earlier this year, and it's AMAZING!

    IMHO, I would suggest Firestorm Annual #5, as it catches the reader up with the recent events in the series, and shows exactly what happened before this issue. The full experience starts in issue #62, but the annual catches you up nicely. Plus it guest stars the JLI and Suicide Squad! LOVE!

    Hilarious episode as always, Crusaders!