Saturday, August 1, 2020

G.I. Joe Chronicles: Devil’s Due Years - Episode 011

G.I. Joe Chronicles: Devil’s Due Years - Episode 011
Issue: G.I. Joe #11

Attention new recruits! Welcome to Fort Longbox. Join codenames DJ Kristatos and Death Probe as they continue their mission to chronicle their way through the post-2000 G.I Joe comics from the Devil’s Due run.

On this episode, featuring issue #11, our ranks are joined by fellow Joe podcaster, Joe Slepski from the "Joe on joe" podcast...AGAIN! -- Codename: Old Style. And DJ Kristatos is MIA, forcing Jason "Weasel-Skull" Alberich to join his brother in the command bunker. AND THERE'S A B.A.T. ON THE LOOSE!

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