Saturday, October 10, 2020

Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 019

Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 019

Issue: Transformers #19 (Marvel)

Listen Here: Transformers Chronicles: The Marvel Years - Episode 019

While this issue is not our last, it may certainly be our best (Hi, Maggie!) as we discuss the introduction of OMEGA SUPREME and a contrast of command performances for this episode of Transformers Chronicles 19!

  • Opening [0:01:48]
  • Podcast promo - Into The Night - [0:05:39]
  • Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:06:20]
  • Who had the touch? [0:36:11]
  • Less Than Meets The Eye [0:39:28]
  • Transformers Spotlight - Omega Supreme [0:46:23]
  • Podcast promo - Secret Wars and Beyond - [0:53:45]
  • Transmissions [0:54:49]
  • Closing [1:04:34]

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Thank you for listening and we hope you have enjoyed this episode of the Transformers Chronicles.

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  1. Old Mega Supreme!

    At least that’s how my southern accent always pronounced it. I was so glad to relive this issue and memories of one of my favorite toys as a kid.
    The entire episode had the touch... for my heart.

    1. Jason, Thanks you for the comment. We are happy to hear that the show brought back a fun memory for you.
      We hope you continue to listen and provide feedback. Please give the other shows a listen as well.

      Thanks again for the support!