Saturday, January 16, 2021

Crusader Chronicles - Episode 048: February 1979

Crusader Chronicles

Episode 048: February 1979

Issues: Amazing Spider-Man #192, Daffy Duck #121

Listen here: Crusader Chronicles - Episode 048: February 1979

At Crusader Chronicles we know Spidey is a tasty dish but DAFFY DUCK?!? Yum yum! You know you want to listen!

  • Opening [0:00:54]
  • Podcast promo - Merry Marvel Marching Society 2021 - Acts of Vengeance - [0:06:27]
  • 1st Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:10:46]
  • Podcast promo - Longbox Crusade - [0:50:42]
  • 2nd Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:52:54]
  • Podcast promo - Zero Hour Strikes - [1:16:09]
  • Crusader Comments [1:17:00]
  • Closing [1:25:38]
  • Outtakes [1:29:17]

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1 comment:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #192: It's a first read for me.
    Cover: Quite the three-asco. Not a fan of seeing Spidey from the back with generic-looking Smythe in the center.
    Story: 5. Awesome. Lots of Spidey greatness. Even with my "what the?" where I predicted "Spidey's leaving Smythe, and he'll return here at the end on his own, when he should just stay here to solve the problem." But loved his trouble fighting the Fly, Jonah being a pain, and Peter's private life falling apart. Excellent.
    AND! We've reached the end of this major arc! I really don't know what's next, but this one has been pretty great, so I'm ready for more!

    Daffy Duck #121: still haven't read it. But I did read lots of comics like this back in the day, so I can totally picture it, including swapping in other characters and having the same story: Woody Woodpecker, Yogi Bear, Optimus Prime, all would have been the same. Charming for little kids, but doesn't hold up well for adults.
    When it comes to Daffy's character, I agree this does not sound like classic WB Daffy. But, it does match the kinds of cartoons aired in the Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show which aired from 1978-1985. Lots of homogenizing of these characters in those cartoons. And this comic would likely try to match that tone.

    Thanks for the fun, Crusaders!