Monday, April 19, 2021

Monthly Monday Movie Muckabout - Episode 27: Highlander

Monthly Monday Movie Muckabout
Episode 27: Highlander

Rick, who may have used one of his movie inspired katanas, finally convinces Ryan Daly to watch the greatest movie of all time, HIGHLANDER! There can be only one!!!


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1 comment:

  1. Funny Highlander story for you. Back in the mid-90's I went to a Highlander convention in Baltimore with my friends Chris and Frank. Once of the stars there was Elizabeth Gracen (who played Amanda) on the TV show. We saw her walking through the general area at one point and Frank yells out, "I love you!" which she (and everybody else) heard.

    Later we went for autographs and they were doing a numbered system. In other words, each badge was assigned a number and that's the order you went for autographs. I had the low number out of the three of us, and really didn't care about getting them for myself, so I agreed to get them for Frank and Chris.

    When I got to Elizabeth's table I asked her make make one out to Chris and the other out to Frank, to which I added, "Frank's the one that yelled 'I love you'". She smiled and handed me the pictures. I went back and gave them to the guys and Frank lost it, to the point that he fell to his knees. One the picture she autographed for him was the following:

    "To Frank,
    I love you, too.
    Elizabeth Gracen"