Saturday, July 31, 2021

Longbox Crusade - Episode 028: Web of Spider-Man 39 (June 1988)

Longbox Crusade
Episode 028: Web of Spider-Man 39 (June 1988)

It’s Delvin’s choice for Longbox Crusade episode 18 (featuring WEB OF SPIDER-MAN from June 1988) & we guarantee you’ll remember the colorist from this issue, anytime. Any place, we don’t care who’s around 😂

  • Opening Comments [0:01:10]
  • Podcast promo: Longbox Crusade [0:11:16]
  • Featured Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:14:15]
  • Podcast promo: James Bond Lexicon[0:53:51]
  • Add It Up [0:53:54]
  • Way Back In Time [1:00:33]
  • Podcast promo: Days of High Adventures [1:12:55]
  • Crusader Comments [1:13:41]
  • Closing [1:23:49]
  • Outtakes [1:27:34]

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