Monday, October 16, 2023

Before They Were Beatles - Episode 25: Beginnings and Endings

Before They Were Beatles
Episode 25: Beginnings and Endings

In this episode, we complete our journey as The Beatles return to the recording studio, make their TV debut, and say goodbye to Hamburg.

The music heard in this episode includes:
  • The Beatles - Money (Intro from Decca auditions)
  • The Beatles - How Do You Do It (Anthology)
  • The Beatles - Love Me Do (Single)
  • The Beatles - PS I Love You (Single)
  • The Beatles - Love Me Do (People and Places - Granada TV)
  • Mike Berry - Loneliness
  • Craig Douglas - Our Favorite Melodies
  • The Beatles - A Taste of Honey (People and Places - Granada TV)
  • Tommy Quickly - Tip of My Tongue
  • Frank Iflield - I Remember You
  • The Beatles - Twist and Shout (Star Club - Hamburg)

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