Monday, May 20, 2024

The Forgotten Beatles - Episode 03: Calandra, The Chants, and Chapman

The Forgotten Beatles
Episode 03: Calandra, The Chants, and Chapman

This month we turn the spotlight on Vince Calandra, The Chants, and Norman Chapman

If you want to know more about Vince Calandra he did a four-hour interview for the Television Academy on his career which is available in their online archives. There are a few extracts from it on YouTube that refer to the Beatles' Ed Sullivan appearance.

For info on The Chants, I recommend the Sixties City website which includes links to their full discography. There is also an extract on YouTube from the documentary "Get Back: The City That Rocked The World", with Joe Ankrah talking about meeting Paul and being invited to the Cavern.

You can read more of Norman Chapman’s story in The Fab One Hundred and Four by David Bedford, and Finding the Fourth Beatle by David Bedford & Gary Popper.


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Don’t forget to join us next month when we turn the spotlight on the story of ‘Eddie Clayton” (aka Eric Clapton)


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