Saturday, April 6, 2019

Crusader Chronicles - Episode 029: July 1977

Crusader Chronicles
Episode 029: July 1977
Issue/s: Amazing Spider-Man #173 and X-Men #107


Listen here: Crusader Chronicles - Episode 029: July 1977

If musical genius Joe November were on this episode he might say this Crusader Chronicles, featuring Spider-Man 173 and Uncanny X-Men 107, is on fire! Alas, Joe isn't here. You're stuck with team LBC, not a bad 2nd place if you ask us...good enough for $10 if you're playing Monopoly (and pull the community chest card...We digress...)

Opening [0:01:05]
Podcast promo - Anime Freaks- [0:08:29]
1st Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:010:29]
2nd Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:40:56]
Podcast promo - Waiting for Doom - [1:12:24]
Crusader Comments [1:14:21]
Closing [1:22:00]
Outtakes [1:25:57]

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1 comment:

  1. Another good time with the Crusaders. Random thoughts follow:

    1. D'lvin needs to say "Begorrah" more often. Laughed so hard I dropped my shillelagh. (Woop! Spelled both words right first try!)

    2. Great Spidey issue. It gets a Four-leaf clover from me.

    3. Another kudo for D'lvin on Molten Man. Nailed it.

    4. X-Men was pretty cool, but gotta agree with J'rrod, Claremont rushing the story really hurts it.

    5. Pardon if you guys knew this. Gladiator and the Imperial Guard is a riff on Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Since I recognized them, that makes it feel less confusing and more of a challenge, trying to match up Legionnaires with Imperials. Also it was fun for Cockrum since he was the LSH artist before X-Men. But! A reader should not HAVE to know stuff like that to enjoy a story, and I think that line is crossed here. Too bad. Three-asco.

    6. I'm sorry, but it was too funny having J'rrod sound like D'lvin on Star Wars for this X-Men issue, and J'son bringing the fan rage. Now calm down, guys. Go potty like P'at, take a load off.

    Till next time!