Saturday, July 27, 2019

Crusader Chronicles - Episode 035: January 1978

Crusader Chronicles
Episode 035: January 1978
Issue/s: Amazing Spider-Man #179, X-Men #110

Listen here: Crusader Chronicles - Episode 035: January 1978

Jay Sandlin of What Happens Next podcast joins the lads minus Delvin (sort was a whole bit), bringing along Shortlandia and the Warhawk Fan Club as they cover Amazing Spider-Man #179 and X-Men #110!

Opening [0:00:50]
Podcast promo - Jay Sandlin’s What Happens Next - [0:06:30]
1st Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:07:06]
Podcast promo - Squadron SupremeCast - [0:41:18]
2nd Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:42:20]
Podcast promo - FIRE AND WATER RECORDS - [1:16:32]
Crusader Comments [1:18:43]
Closing [1:29:31]
Outtakes [1:32:22]

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1 comment:

  1. X-Men #110: Sometimes you gotta eat the filler. Even when the filler has a fan club, it's still filler. It's so filler, I have nothing to add about the story. You guys covered it more than enough.

    For Amazing Spider-Man #179, yes it tickled my tummy feathers, even with or because of its silly bits. Spidey in a clear garbage bag falling into a trash can. The hoods that captured Spidey and too dumb to hold him. Silvermane laying a smackdown. ("AARP my ass")

    But the big reveal was excellent, with that crazy angry Harry. Yikes! Likewise the Spidey-Goblin fight was a riot. And I'm really glad we've gotten to this point, because the story kinda needs to be wrapping up. Come on, Len! Pick it up!!

    Here's hoping Jason likes my Mac & Cheese recipe. Fingers-crossed.