Saturday, January 4, 2020

Crusader Chronicles - Episode 039: May 1978

Crusader Chronicles
Episode 039: May 1978
Issues: Amazing Spider-Man #183, X-Men #112


Listen here: Crusader Chronicles - Episode 039: May 1978

Journey 4000 miles with us for this Crusader Chronicles featuring Amazing Spider-Man 183 and X-Men 112 where you’re treated to a lot of three’s company AND dramatic reading from none other than Mary Jane 🤭

Opening [0:00:52]
Podcast promo - FW TEAM-UP - [0:04:51]
1st Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:05:47]
Podcast Break: The-Voice-of-Steve - THE JOHN RAMBO CHRISTMAS DECORATING COMPANY - [0:42:31]
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2nd Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:43:59]
Podcast promo - The Headcast Network - [1:09:13]
Crusader Comments [1:10:37]
Closing [1:19:27]
Outtakes [1:23:07]

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1 comment:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #183:
    It's a first read for me!
    Cover: 3. Continuing the three-asco.
    Issue: 3. I was leaning towards 2, because Peter was so dumb! But gave it a bump for the fairly nice handling of Rocket Racer.
    Loved the dramatic reading by M-Jason.
    When I was kid, my Big Wheel didn't look anything like that. And thank god, mine was cool and you could spin out to stop. No spinning on this issue's clunker.

    X-Men #112:
    Not a first read. :(
    Cover: 4. Wolverine holding back his own claws sells it.
    Story: 2, because Phoenix just successfully fought Firelord single-handedly, and should have been able to make Magneto at least sweat a little.
    Turning the X-Men into babies. Magneto's got issues.

    Thanks for another great time, guys!