Saturday, July 4, 2020

Longbox Crusade - Episode 024: Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #3 (Jan 1990)

Longbox Crusade
Episode 024: Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #3 (Jan 1990)

4 years! We made it! And if you’re expecting us to mature in our old age, well...we have some BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK NIGHT for you at least (from January 1990)!

  • Opening Comments [0:01:11]
  • Podcast promo: Action Comics Weekly [0:13:40]
  • Featured Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:15:53]
  • Podcast promo: Everybody Loves The Drake [0:56:39]
  • Add It Up [0:58:35]
  • Way Back In Time [1:04:02]
  • Podcast promo: Batman: KnightCast [1:12:00]
  • Crusader Comments [1:13:10]
  • Closing [1:22:37]
  • Outtakes [1:25:17]

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1 comment:

  1. A great issue to cover! I actually resisted buying B:LotDK solely for financial reasons, as I was buying LOTS of comics every week, and already getting both Bat-books, so a third seemed excessive. But then Grant Morrison wrote the second arc starting with issue #6, and that was that, onto the pull list it went.

    So I didn't read issues 1-5 until relatively recently, and kicking myself for not reading it sooner. Denny does lots of things I like best about Batman: detective work, being Bruce Wayne effectively, a human Batman, love it. I really need to explore Denny's early work on Batman, because what I little I have read was so cool! A shame it's mostly retconned away.

    Thanks for opening the longbox!