Saturday, October 29, 2022

Longbox Crusade - Episode 034: Mask #3 (February 1986)

Longbox Crusade
Episode 034: Mask #3 (February 1986)

Jarrod’s gonna lead the mission, and Kristatos’ got such super vision (couldn’t fit Jason into that bit, ah well)! The lads cover MASK on this FEB 1986 version of LONGBOX CRUSADE!

  • Opening Comments [0:01:01]
  • Podcast promo: The James Bond Lexicon [0:06:56]
  • Featured Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:07:58]
  • Podcast promo: Film and Water Podcast [0:39:37]
  • Add It Up [0:40:21]
  • Way Back In Time [0:46:53]
  • Podcast promo: Quarterbin Podcast [0:53:45]
  • Crusader Comments [0:54:39]
  • Closing [1:01:27]
  • Outtakes [1:04:00]

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