Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lost Episode: Comics To Console Crusade Episode 01

Lost Episode:
Comics To Console Crusade
Episode 01: Batman - NES - 1990

Listen here: Lost Episode: 01 - Comics To Console Crusade Episode 01

Welcome to a lost episode from the Longbox Crusade! Almost TWO YEARS AGO Pat & Jarrod teamed up with musical genius Joe November and made a show taking a deep dive into the world of video games - more specifically, video games based off of our favorite comic characters. We called his experiment: COMICS TO CONSOLE CRUSADE! And our first (and so far only) episode took a look at Batman on the Nintendo Entertainment System - released in the US back in February of 1990. Get out your cartridge, blow off the bottom, and press “start” on this trip back in time!

Let us know what you think of this pilot episode in the comments below. Should we make more?

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