Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Action Film Face-Off - Episode 08: 1977’s Star Wars vs. 1983’s Never Say Never Again

Action Film Face-Off
Episode 08: 1977’s Star Wars vs. 1983’s Never Say Never Again

Listen here: Action Film Face-Off - Episode 08: 1977’s Star Wars vs. 1983’s Never Say Never Again

Welcome to the eighth episode!! For this episode, our randomizer - set to pick years in the range of 1970-current year - selected 1977 & 1983, so here are our contestants:

Star Wars vs. Never Say Never Again

Will it be OG Bond or the power of the force? Find out as they battle for 6 rounds in our videodome!

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Thank you for listening and we hope you have enjoyed this episode of
Action Film Face-Off.


  1. That's the Bond film I have either never seen, or else not seen since the movie of the week days when I was a teenager. I should make an effort sooner rather than later.

    Liked your conversation about Classic Wars versus NuWars, don't back off from insight, I love it.

    If I were to choose movies from the years you drew, I would go with...
    1988: And embarrassment of riches. Die Hard, Police Story 2 or Bloodsport?
    1997: If Bloodsport above, then Double Team here, right? But will you feel the lure of Bond again...?

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