Monday, May 27, 2019

Longbox Crusade Episode 018: JLMay 2019 - Blackest Night #6 (December 2009) - 3 year Anniversary of the Longbox Crusade

Longbox Crusade
Episode 018: JLMay 2019 - Blackest Night #6 (December 2009) - 3 year Anniversary of the Longbox Crusade

Listen here: Longbox Crusade Episode 018: JLMay 2019 - Blackest Night #6 (December 2009)

It's our 3 year anniversary! Yes! After we all give our thanks and gratitudes we pull out the original Longbox Crusade format, collaborate with the JLMAY 2019 crossover event, and give you Blackest Night 6! More fun than you can shake a dead stick at!

Opening Comments [0:01:12]
Podcast promo: JLMay 2019 [0:12:01]
Featured Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:15:34]
Podcast promo: Lanterncast [0:47:13]
Add It Up [0:48:15]
Way Back In Time [0:54:36]
Podcast promo: Hamilton vs. Burr: A Werewolf Tale [1:04:59]
Crusader Comments [1:06:28]
Closing Comments [1:15:04]
Outtakes [1:20:37]

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