Saturday, May 4, 2019

Crusader Chronicles - Episode 031: September 1977

Crusader Chronicles
Episode 031: September 1977
Issue/s: Amazing Spider-Man #175 and X-Men #108


Listen here: Crusader Chronicles - Episode 031: September 1977

Crusader Chronicles 31 is all about duality. Is it a podcast or an extended Patreon plea (only $1 a month! Join us!). Who is behind the Green Goblin mask (Amazing Spider-Man 175)? What in the world is happening in Uncanny X-Men 108? Don't worry, team LBC is here to help!

Opening [0:00:50]
Podcast promo - JLMay 2019 Blackest Night - [0:12:10]
1st Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:15:44]
Podcast promo - Views From The Longbox - [0:43:54]
2nd Comic Issue Review/Discussion [0:45:53]
Podcast promo - Bat Books For Beginners - [1:15:23]
Crusader Comments [1:16:49]
Closing [1:25:16]
Outtakes [1:29:24]

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1 comment:

  1. It was a good run. 31 episodes is pretty awesome. Sorry to see Crusader Chronicles is over, but these things happens, and ... what? It's not over? But, X-Men! Jarrod's 1 so now he's a baby! You guys worked it out? Whew! That's a relief! Well, never mind, then! Whew!

    Oy, that X-Men issue was ... not great. Jason put it really well. It's a landmark issue, not a "classic". It's a point in the history of the X-Men that's extremely important later multiple times in the future. Which is different from this issue itself being great.

    But I do love that Wolverine, often the butt of "short" jokes, makes fun of the midget who promptly punches him into orbit. Oh sweet irony. Not to mention me liking the atypical design/size for that powerhouse. "Just me by size, you do." Whoops, sorry Delvin, didn't mean to bring up Ar-stay Ars-way.

    "Claremont needs to spread these mysteries out a little longer." Oh, in a year or so, I think you'll be singing a different tune on that front. Mwuh-huh-huhuhuhuh!

    I've read enough Spider-Man history to be pretty sure who the new Goblin is. Just wait. Although I will say the identity of the Goblin is best when it's a mystery, but it isn't always about it being a friend of Peter. The identity kept from us readers was the fun part for me, since we're privvy to scenes our hero doesn't. Just my 2 cents.

    Man, I was seriously impressed with Punisher bringing the quips and the thwips while swinging a web, any size. Must have been a Mercy web.

    "Mercy bullets." Riiiiight. You guys nailed exactly what I was thinking. "Mercy Bowie knife." "Mercy bazooka." "Mercy neck snap." That Punisher, such a compassionate guy.

    Thanks for another hour of laughs, Crusaders. Till next time.